What people are saying


“…so funny, eating my breakfast and nearly spit out my oatmeal!!!!”

“This was seriously some of the best satire I have ever read.”

“Her very well written and comical content is put in a perspective most relatable, smooth flowing and just darn funny as heck. My family and I have instantaneously become huge fans…When you’ve got my teenagers hooked, you’ve gotta know something is there!”

“You amaze me. You have a great way of putting things.”

“As always, your post is hilarious. Great writing!”

“You write comedy beautifully.”

“Well written and relatable”

“As usual, priceless. I can always get a laugh when I come here. Thank you!!!”

“Youse guys got a gang- And your gang sounds like a hoot.”

“Too funny!”

“Cracking UP. I think tears just ran down my leg.”

“Nicely written. Very entertaining.”


“That was so funny, I laughed until I cried and peed a little. I had to stop laughing and clear my eyes a couple of times.”

“Your writing tone is a combination of Erma Bombeck and Dave Barry, and it was a joy to read.”

“Man, I needed a good laugh today. Thank you.”

“I can’t stop laughing, literally I’m sitting here laughing.”

“I am crying…No sobbing with laughter! I just love you “Crayon Lady.””

“This had me laughing out loud.”

“…genuine and bona fide and spot on HYSTERICAL.”

“This was delightful to read.”

OH MY WORD…this was too funny! You have a gift my friend!”

“I’m laughing so hard my face hurts!!”

“Thank you for cracking me up. I love your musings.”

“I truly enjoy everything you write.”

“Thanks for another great story.”

“Love your writing and I did literally laugh out loud.”

“..delightful to read.”

“This was so hilarious! And so true!”


4 thoughts on “What people are saying

  1. Ran across your blog on accident, but couldn’t stop myself from reading every post in one sitting. It’s like someone video taped my own house and typed it all up in a much funnier way then I ever could. Very funny. Thanks.

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  2. Oh my! I just read the story about the shopping trip to Costco…and I thought I had it rough because I have my nearly blind 85 year old mother hanging onto one coat sleeve and a behaviorally challenged 5 year old hanging onto the other. I try to prevent the elder from accidentally getting lost or tripping while simultaneously preventing the younger from deliberately getting lost or taking things!


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